preset sounds doesnt show up in live8

i just installed olga, she sounds great :slight_smile:
i can find a lot of cool presets in logic8, but the presets doesn´t show up in ableton live8.
i´m stuck to the first sound in live and can´t switch. what´s wrong here? (or with me?)

i´m on macbook and macpro (intel/leopard X.5.6), same situation on both computers.

i saw the topic with the same question:

but i cant´s see how you opened the preset-menu. where do i have to click?



still no solution here… olga presets unusable in live8 mac???

Hi Saxer, sorry for the delay -

In Live 8 when you load the VST version of Olga, you get the preset dropdown box above the X/Y pad at the bottom. When you load the AU version, press the circle-arrows button next to “Configure” and the factory presets should appear below Olga in the plug-in browser on the left.


aaahhh, finally I found it :slight_smile:

thanx a lot