Too many good vibes?

First off, thank you for an excellent eq!
Now, after having finally bought the beauty I find myself using it a lot, but my problem is that when I use to many instances of Vibe, my CPU usage rises to infinity after playing a song for 5-10 seconds, both in MS Vista and Ubuntu Linux running on two different soundcards. My current project has 18 instances of Vibe distributed over 16 tracks, just so you have some number to go from.
My host is Reaper - please help me get this running as I really can’t live without the sweat sound of Vibe again.

What processor speed, please?

What does REAPER say each copy of Vibe EQ is using in CPU?

I just tried putting 24 instances of Vibe on 12 tracks…each instance was consuming about 0.7% CPU on an AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400+, with total CPU use of about 30% or so on the Brad Sucks “Making Me Nervous” demo.

Hate to say it, but I’m not seeing a problem here…possibly another plugin is denormaling?


—EDIT 3—

Okay, it now happens on single instances too.
Switching the GUI either on or off brings things back to normal, so I guess it really is the graphics code.
Oversample off or on makes no change.

—EDIT 2—

Just when I thought things were fine, the problem pops up again. It seems to happen only on tracks with two instances of Vibe or more.
Their CPU usage climbs to about 10-15%, but only on one of them, so far only the first.

—EDIT 1—

Never mind! Disabling the gui fixes the problem for me, and I’ve discovered other plugins that do this as well, so this is either a Reaper problem or something with my system, in either case, not any error on your behalf :slight_smile:

Now that I mention it, even though it’s hardly the right thread for it, do you know why most of Schwa’s plugins are so slow graphically in WINE?

Anyhow, thanks for the help and quick support, you guys make software development a thing of pride.

My processor is an AMD Turion 64 X2 TL-60 2000 MHz.

I just tried running a project that has 15 Vibe-EQs and a Major Tom compressor, disabled all other effects than those and it runs smoothly until I start tweaking the Major Tom parameters. Tweaking any of the Vibes’ parameters doesn’t cause the problem in this case (though it usually does), and bypassing Major Tom causes Reaper to try to catch up again (playing at double speed), though it never catches up.
Maybe this is something in the graphics code?
The problem is much worse on Windows Vista that in WINE by the way.
Also, the CPU spike doesn’t go down either until Reaper is told to release the sound card (just clicking the status-label in the right corner).
I wish I could test if it happens in other hosts, but I haven’t got others, sorry.

Loading two instances of Vibe on each track of the Brad Sucks “Making Me Nervous” demo, and disabling all other effects doesn’t cause the problem (adding a single Major Tom doesn’t yield any difference either) though the CPU usage gives peaks at 80%, but is using 20% on average.
If however I duplicate some of the tracks so there are 16 and add an Event Horizon in addition to the Major Tom, it will use 30-50% CPU until I start tweaking any of the controls for a little while and then the same problem will occur.

Maybe this is actually a Reaper problem, just somehow manifesting itself through Vibe?

Oh, and Reaper says each instance of Vibe uses between 0.5-1.25%.