The magic of Vibe-EQ

Hi Scott,

I love what the Vibe-EQ is doing to the sound as soon as you put it on a channel. It behaves a bit like the Pultec from UAD, it’s doing something you can’t exactly put your finger on, but you only know it sounds “right” :mrgreen:

At the moment I’m not at home and I whas thinking… what would happen if I put a Vibe-EQ on every track, not dialing in some settings, but just for the added magic. From the developer’s point of view… is this okay to do, or will you end up with to much “magic”, becuase 24 times the magic might sound like loud noise or something??

I ask this, because I did it once with the Waves Classics plugins, adding a SSL EQ on every single track with the analog switch “on” and a few Bus compressors on some group channels and it whas making a lot of noise when the song whas not played. Sounds like the analog button on these Waves plugins just added some kind of noise and adding this like 24 times (or more) whas simply to much. I never did this with the UAD plugins, simply because I don’t have enough power to put, for example, a Pultec EQ on every channel in a project.

I would love to hear from you what would be the case with the Vibe-EQ.