Majortom CPU high on blank tracks

Perhaps this is a denormal issue. I am running Majortom on XP32, Reaper 3.02 on a P4. I have bussed the output of a VSTi to a blank track and MajorTom is the only effect. On tracks with “real” audio from a wav or whatever, MajorTom seems to be reasonable. Maybe 2-3% CPU usage as reported by the Reaper performance tool. On these tracks MajorTom is in the 15% range… nearly 5 times the CPU usage. I have checked and the oversample mode is indeed off adn the Reaper denormal option is on. Ideas?

Make sure you have the most recent version of the plugin. Virtually every pertinent calculation SHOULD already be trapped for denormals, so other than that, I don’t have a lot of ideas. If you already have the latest version, then I’d need a minimal test project from you that demonstrates the problem.


That could indeed be the issue. Let me grab the latest/greatest and see what happens. I didn’t realize there were newer versions since the initial release.

Sorry for the alarm. The latest/greatest did indeed fix me.

One question, I am not subscribed to this thread, but every time someone views it I get a topic notification. Odd…

I’ll check it out. I just upgraded phpBB last night or so, did this just start happening, or has it been going on for more than a day or two?


It just started in the past day or so.

Still getting bombarded :frowning:

Please forward one of the emails you’re getting. scott at stillwellaudio dot com. I’ve gone in and checked the database and I don’t see any thread or forum watch entries with your user id on them.


Problem found. Webserver permissions issue… Sorry.


I get a similar problem. Running a P4 with XP32 and the REAPER version before 3.12 (just saw it was updated). Anyway, I am pretty sure I have the latest Major Tom build as I just discovered it last week.

I am using it to compress some augmentive tom-tom samples so Major Tom has no real input to work on most of the time. Normal use is around 2-3%, but after some minutes of idling it will reach 5%; I have five tom-tom tracks so the problem gets pretty severe and causes heavy glitching. I need to mix down in WHWG realtime, so I am having a big problem.

As of now I am automating plugin bypass and it somewhat works but it is not ideal as I get some occational pops and clicks when engaging.

Major Tom is preceded by Transient Monster, and I am wondering if this can have some blame in the cause? Anyway, I have tried inserting a lot of these normalizing plugins anywere in the chain, but they seem to have no effect.