Stillwell plugs

GUI is spiking my cpu in reaper. With a AMD 2400+, 1.5GB ram, If I go to the basic UI cpu doesn’t spike.

Which plug or plugs? I’ve not had a problem with it, even on an Athlon XP 2100+. My core duo doesn’t even break a sweat.


I know for sure the EQ…let me get some screen shots…



Reaper 1.888, XP pro

All that I changed there was clicking the UI button.

Have you downloaded the latest versions? I can’t reproduce that at all…wait. Okay, I can reproduce it to a certain extent on my Athlon XP 2100+, but on my Core Duo 1.6GHz, the difference is literally not noticeable. Certainly I don’t get nearly a 50% jump just from switching UI on Verbiage. Maybe 15% or so…on a slower machine than you have. Like I said, on the Core Duo I can’t even tell the difference…maybe a few tenths of a percent.

I can see this happening to some extent or another on any UI with meters…you’re redrawing them 20-30 times per second, and that DOES take CPU. Verbiage shouldn’t be doing it, though. I’ll dig into the draw logic and see what can be done to improve it.



I have the latest versions of reaper and your plugs, I never had/downloaded your betas.

Found it, fixed it. Download it! :smiley:


Verbiage is fixed, EQ is still showing a spike, and I noticed that when I try to download the reaper only version. and clear the cache it doesn’t say reaper only version anymore when I go to add it to a chain. Does that make sense? I am tired…I need sleep.

Okay, here’s the deal…any plugin that has meters is going to use more CPU than one that doesn’t, because it’s redrawing the meters constantly. The particular scheme we use to update the GUI is probably not optimal, but will require some major tweaking that isn’t going to happen in the next day or two.

I’ll note for any other readers’ benefit that this CPU consumption is ONLY when the GUI is displayed. When the GUI is not visible, these plugs are VERY CPU efficient.

It’s much better than it was, now. I’ve made what optimizations I can for the moment and posted new versions to the site. This will improve over time, but for the moment we’re going to have to call it good. An XP 2400+ (and even moreso, my 2100+) is pretty minimal for use as a DAW these days. I’m not telling you to upgrade your computer, I’m just explaining that it’s as fixed as it’s going to get FOR NOW.

Wish I had a better answer for you. Or at least a more rapid fix.


No problem here, since I use reamotes, and a quad core is in my future…I am not overly concerned, even more so, the same thing happens with reafir, when running reafir, I do what I need to do, and then go on to another plug and try not to open it till I really need to.

Just one thought, do we need meters on a eq?

But again I am happy with what I have, I will pay for verbiage and the 1973 when I can. :slight_smile:

And when I finally get a drummer in here…I will be back for some drum compression…but I have never had a drummer here :smiling_imp: .

Keep up the good work optimize when you can.

Well, I guess that wasn’t so bad after all (although I didn’t get much sleep last night…)

It’s WAY more fixed now. Try again. Meters still consume CPU time (they HAVE to…NO way around that), but it’s a truly significant amount less usage now.