Demo Mode Q?

I downloaded some of the plugs to try (1973, Verbiage, etc.) and loaded them into a dupe project in place of the plugs I was using to see how they sounded. In the course of playing around I have come up with two questions:

(by way of introduction I should note that I am using them in Reaper 3.75 on Mac OS10.6.6 running on a MBP)

In the course of editing, when I find some small thing that I am unsatisfied with, I often pull the project back up, adjust what affects it (e.g., edit volume automation envelope) and re-render the project. Since this often involves granular rather than global issues I will perhaps only look at one parameter in one channel. Naturally, if I open one of the plugs running in demo mode, I get the nag screen. This is not a problem. Your policy in regards to demo is more than fair. After thinking about this though I began to wonder, do the plugs function differently (or not at all) if they are not opened and the nag screen passed? If I several instances of a plug running in different channels (or multiple plugs in a given channel) it is likely, given the above scenario that they would not be opened / edited prior to rendering.

Also, one nice feature of Reaper is dragging and dropping effects from track to track. I do this all the time, it can be a huge timesaver. It seems though like not all the parameters are tracking to the new send (e.g., in 1973 all the settings transfer except the mid mode setting). This does not seem to be consistent so perhaps it is something I am doing. I have also had a number of crashes doing this with Verbiage and Event Horizon.

I have re-read that wonder if it sounds a bit grumpy. If so, I don’t mean it to. The plugs that I have tried sound very nice, (which is the important thing) look swell, and have very usable interfaces.


There are no limitations aside from the nag screen…if a parameter change is not “holding” when a plugin is copied, then it sounds like a bug…either in the host’s handling of the plugin, or in the plugin itself.

As it happens, I’ve been measuring CPU use by taking 1973, adjusting all the parameters to engage the filters (if they’re at zero, they don’t run, period), and then selecting and ctrl-dragging the plugins to duplicate them. In these cases I have not noticed any failure for the plugin’s parameters to follow along when copied.

I should have some new beta versions posted soon, but in the meantime, have you tried the current beta versions? You can find out more about them here: 9 Nov 2010 - New Stillwell OS X Betas . If you are having trouble with the stock versions, it may be worth trying the betas to see if they resolve the problem you’re having.



I was thinking that I had better pop open all the plugs and wait for the nag screen but I am glad to know that it is not necessary. I will try to see if I can duplicate what I noticed and report back. I assume it is good practice not to have audio playing when you drag a plug but with some it seems ok and with others it kills Reaper, should this matter?

That is interesting about the null state of the EQ. 1973 does seem neutral when when zero’d but the other EQ seems to make things slightly brighter even when everything is zeroed. (on h’phones)