Rocket not being checked by plugin manager in Logic Pro

I downloaded the latest installer for Rocket.
I just got a new M1 mac 2022 mbp. I installed and the plugin manager won’t see the install and validate it for use in logic at launch.
I’m going nuts because I have rocket ALL OVER an album I’m working on.

Since Rocket is currently a x86 plugin rather than Apple Silicon, try launching Logic in Rosetta mode and then do your scan…then quit and switch back to Native mode. It seems like the scan only works in Rosetta mode for Rosetta plugins, but once they’re scanned they should load in Native mode.

Many thanks. Will try asap.

OK. Rocket did indeed install, many thanks.
BTW is Bad Buss Mojo also 64 Bit yet?
I’m trying to demo it.

Yep, virtually everything is 64-bit. They’re all still Intel plugins, not Apple Silicon, though, so you’d need to go through the same dance as you did for Rocket. We’re in the process of fixing that, but we don’t have beta builds available yet for that.

This is a bit odd then: I installed Rocket AND BBM at the same time. But only Rocket is now visible in the app.

OK got it going. It needed another restart, w logic still in rosetta mode. Thanks Scott.
PS. I used Rocket on Bono for Ordinary Love.

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Yeah, latest versions of macOS seem to have the issue where newly-installed Audio Units don’t appear in Logic until after a reboot. Adding Rosetta2 scanning on top of that just makes it a pain in general. You can’t want native versions out more than we do…we’re getting there!

Super cool to hear where it’s being used, thanks for that!

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