Rocket won't scan

Hi - I’m in Logic 9 in OSX 10.8.5 and I’ve installed the plugin and key into the correct folder, but it won’t scan and show up. What should I do?

The folder is HD\Library\Audio\Plug-ins\Components along with all my other plugins.

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Hey Scott… just purchased The Rocket tonight… having the same problem… put it in multiple folders just to be safe too. I purchased it as an AU plugin and I am running off of Pro Tools 10. Please let me know… dying to use it!


AU plugins don’t load in Pro Tools - it only supports AS and RTAS (PT10 and before) and AAX (PT10 and forward). This is not specific to our plugins - this is true for ALL AU or VST plugins.


Exact same problem here. Please PM or email me.



Is there any support from this company? I posted here and submitted a support ticket 3 days ago - so far zero response to either. Getting the sense this isn’t the company I want to depend on for pro software…

Most of my software devs get back within at least a couple days - many within 24 hours.

I’m sorry that we haven’t got back to you sooner, but we ARE a small company when all is said and done. It doesn’t take a whole lot of load to overwhelm our resources.

If you wish to discuss, please email me directly at scott at stillwellaudio dot com. I don’t recommend this as a normal support method, as I may not always be available, but I don’t want you to continue thinking we aren’t here, or that we aren’t trying to be responsive.


Just reply to my Mojo Helpdesk ticket ASAP. At least I now know you’re still alive.

I’ve been on the road, driving from North Carolina to Los Angeles for the last 5 days - just saw this reply now.


I did respond - and actually did so again just a few minutes before I saw this…so the reply may sound somewhat confused. :slight_smile: