Rocket crashing Wavelab 6


Today I bought and installed the Rocket and BBMojo plugins.
When I load Rockit in Wavelab all seems fine until I hit playback. Wavelab crashes. BBMojo runs fine.
Anyone else having this problem? What can I do?
I’m running Windows XP sp2 on a P4, 2Gb system.

Thanks, and keep up the good work!


Only thing I can think of is that Rocket allows sidechain, while BadBussMojo doesn’t. We may have to special-case to disable sidechain for Wavelab.


Thanks for your quick reply,

Additionally I noticed that the problem does NOT occur when the Rocket is used in Wavelab’s master section. When inserted in an audio montage track however, it does occur.

Problem is that the master section is always “post” track inserts. Some of my Wave$$ :confused: plugins can only be used as track inserts and NOT in the master section, so I’m restricted in combined usage.

Workaround could be to use the rocket on the 2 bus when mixing.

What would this “special-case” mean? A future update?


Yessir…I mean that I’d have to code that feature into the plugin, which would show up in a future update. Do any plugins use sidechain within Wavelab that you know of?


Don’t think it’s commonly used in wavelab. In WL5 they used to have a single plugin named “ducker” included to handle the most straightforward SC functions, but I never used it. Maybe they allow for SC functions by other plugins in WL6 now, but’I can’t find info on it on their website.


Hi guys. Just wondered if there was any further news on this one? I’m currently trying out the demo version of Rocket (having bought Vibe EQ ) and I really like the plug in. However, I would need it to work in Wavelab as a track effect (and or clip effect) as I use WL a lot.

Cheers and thanks for such great plugins.

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HI I am also struggling with The Rocket on a track inside Wavelab 6. Is there any updates on this?