registration help with Digital Performer 7.2


I’d love to give Bombardier a whirl but having trouble getting DP7.2 to recognize my key.

Filled out a trouble ticket yesterday - looks like that’s how support is handled, hopeful to hear back pretty soon

I wondered if it’s my system or key causing the issue or perhaps bomb is not working with DP at this time.

Any one using Bombardier with DP7.2 ?


As I responded in my reply to this support ticket, I’ll be checking it out…I haven’t heard of any issues with 7.2 prior to this, so hang tight.


I just bought it and didn’t have any trouble in DP 7.2. I just put the key in the Components folder. I actually had a mix going where I was trying it out and decided I needed it, so I bought it, then dropped the key in the Components folder with the session still open and Bombardier said “registered to” when I open it again.

Great plugin. I thought I knew all I needed to know about compressors but I still had something to learn when I started playing with this. The wide variety of sound you can get from it is not immediately apparent. A video would not be a bad idea with this one. I’m still not sure what some of the controls are doing.


Have you read the friendly manual? There’s a lot of information to be had there.


Good to hear it’s up and running in 7.2…I figured I would have heard the howls by now if the problem were widespread.

To the OP: are you sure you have the most recent copy from the website? What did you upgrade to 7.2 from?


hey, good news - Bombardier is working fine today in DP 7.2

Not sure what happened yesterday.

Sounds like this will be fun.