Can't authorize Bombardier in DP 7.23


Downloaded the eval copy of Bombardier (AU) for Mac, and am trying to use in DP 7.23 under OSX 10.6.7.

I purchased a license, and copied the txt file to my components folder, and launched DP 7.23, and it still says it’s an evaluation copy. I trashed the original bombardier component and reinstalled, but it still doesn’t work.

Any suggestions?


Please read the stickied thread in the Frequently Asked Questions forum…you’ll find that the problem is probably because it’s a text file…Safari (or whatever browser you’re using) was “helpful” and added a .txt extension to the file that shouldn’t be there. The file name should end in .key - not in .txt or .key.txt

If that doesn’t resolve your issue, head on over to our support ticket system at and submit a ticket. You can also submit one by emailing support at stillwellaudio dot com, but watch for the confirmation emails and follow instructions or the ticket will just sit in limbo and never get to us.


Thank you so much Scott, renaming the file did the trick!!! Great plug, BTW!