registry problem with bombardier

I bought a license to bombardier but allthough I´ve put it in the same folder (VSTplugins) as bombardier.dll it still opens as UNREGISTERED in Cubase. The extension “.txt” is NOT present. If I try to “open” the file I get a message that it can´t open since it´s not a register script. Any ideas??

Hmm… that’s not good :frowning:

First question, if I may: can I confirm you didn’t buy the ‘Reaper only’ license?

Fixed. Extended/accented characters in name. New license issued. Next patient, please!



Next patient here…I have just purchased Bombardier and can’t get it to register. I am running the latest version of Digital Performer and Mac OS. I did everything by the book in the download instructions but when I open a new instance of Bombardier and it says “Please register” I just get taken to your home page and there is no registration link that I have been able to find. Thanks, Mark

You don’t need multiple posts to get an answer…see the other thread for my response.