Registration failure

Hi Scott,

You may have seen my name from time to time on the Reaper forums (general, developer’s etc.).

Just bought Bombardier and can’t get it to register.

Have checked that the file is #####-BOMB.key, is unblocked, etc. and that there is only one bombardier.dll file in the same directory as the .key file.

Running Reaper 3.52/x64 on Window 7 64 bit.

I’ve got a hunch it might be a UAC issue – I made sure both files have full access, but still no luck.

One more point, when I originally purchased Reaper it was with another credit card so the Reaper registered name does not match the Stillwell registered name – is this important?

Any ideas?

Cheers – Geoff

Hi Geoff - Hopefully Scott will be along shortly to give you an informed answer, but FWIW I can rule out this one:

… that doesn’t matter one bit. The plugin just checks that the host its running in is Reaper.

If you go into Windows Explorer in that directory and view details, does it say that the key file is of type “Text Document”? If so, then Windows Explorer is hiding file extensions for known file types, and the file is REALLY named 47225-BOMB.key.txt…which won’t work.

You’ll need to turn off that option on the folder so you can rename the file, removing the .txt extension, or go to a command prompt and do it from there.

That’s the most likely possibility, anyway. I’m about to fall over sideways and sleep…it’s laaaaaate here. Do let me know how that turns out and I’ll have a look in the morning if that didn’t do it.


Ah yes…

Forgot about that particular “Stupid Windows Trick”, all is well now.

Thanks – Geoff