Help with registering-Novice,Logic 9,Mac OSX-10

Howdy ! Having purchased ‘Bombardier’ and receiving key I removed the ‘.txt’,copied it to my Library/Audio Units/Plugins,removed it from my user destination of the same path but cannot find anything in it apart from computer jargon.Should it not contain a component ? as per video tutorial.Anyway, out of frustration I down loaded the 'evaluation copy" and all works well ! However I don’t own it because it’s unregistered.
After reading the forum I found that I didn’t have the ‘uncompress’ function in the dropdown menu,only ‘compress’.Does that mean its already uncompressed ?
I have since downloaded the key again but am too worried I might botch it up even more.
Please help !

Okay, two things…

One, the downloaded evaluation copy of the plugin IS the registered copy…IF you have purchased and obtained a key file.

Two, when you purchase one of our plugins, you will receive a download link to a key file…which is NOT the plugin.

Both the evaluation plugin AND the key file must be present in the same folder in order to work AND show as registered.

Plugin + no key file = Evaluation copy.

key file + no plugin = nothing…there’s no plugin to load, and the host doesn’t know what to do with the key file.

Plugin + key file = win.


Here’s a “How to install on a Mac” thread on the FAQ section of our forum…