Thought I followed installation instructions, but no go

Hi guys

Recently I demoed, and then purchased, Rocket Compressor and TinMan. I believe I followed your instructions correctly, but yet the plugins still show up as unregistered.

My DAW is DP5. On an earlier forum question, you said (if I read it correctly) that to go from demo to registered mode for Mac/AU, place the registration-code files in the same folder as the .component file.

EDIT* For Macintosh plugins, put the .key file in the same folder as where you put the .component or .vst file.

OK, the only files that were attached to my confirmation of payment were downloaded as .key.txt (not just plain ol’ .key), each consisting of an unbelievably long code word. (My files are labeled 47225-ROCK.key.txt and 47225-TINM.key.txt.) I placed them in my audio/plugins/components folder. Alas, the plugins still are “unregistered,” and annoyingly knock me back to your site.

Guys, I admire ALL of your stuff – a very rare occurrence for me. I want to buy more from you in the future, as well as recommend your line to my fellow audio-engineer cronies. But really, there has to be a more elegant and direct solution to the registration thing. Please help me out. Tell me where this process went south, and how I can do it correctly. Feel free to go into vast and long-winded detail.

Don’t know how the ‘.txt’ got on the end of the filename…but it shouldn’t be there.

Rename the files (yes, I told everyone before NOT to do that…) and get rid of the ‘.txt’ on the end of the name.

They SHOULD be named:


once that’s done, all should be good.


I’ll add a bit to this…our registration process creates and names the key files ending in .key…not .key.txt. If that’s happening, it’s your email program or your mail server doing it…not us. We do try to make things as easy as possible for you (“save a file. put it in a directory.”), but we don’t have control of the process once it leaves the store’s mail server.


If I download from Safari program then it will shows with .txt, but I’v change to download with Firefox insted and it’s just .key as original, but anyway, as I should do as it said still “unregistered” sign still there and it keeps shutting down my Logic 8 most of the time I open it. Here I show it in the folder. What did I still do wrong?