Problem in Cubase 4 on Mac

Hi there, first post - and a problem already :wink:
Running the Rocket in Cubase 4.5.1 on a MacBookPro with Intel Core Duo Processor sporting OSX 10.5.4

First let me say that I like the Rocket so much that I ordered it right away last night - that being said:

  • I apply the plugin to the output of Addictive Drums, press the Insert-Status Button (thus bypassing -not switching off- all plugins) on the respective channel of the Cubase Mixer and save the project.

  • I quit and re-open Cubase

  • When re-loading the project and making the plugins active again by pressing the Insert-Status Button the Rocket blocks all audio when in Decadence-Mode. The drums are essentially muted until I take the compressor out of the signal chain or switch Decadence off

  • Weirdly this only happens with Addictive Drums, I can neither replicate this behaviour on any normal audiochannel nor on the Halion-VSTi

Not really a showstopper and might be a problem Addictive Drums have to solve - but maybe Scott could have a look at it nonetheless?

While I`m at it: what would make the Rocket simply perfect for me would be the ability to dial in longer attack times than 2ms. I know this plugin is all about the unbelievable short attacktime possible but once in a while for certain drumsounds I want a lot (20 ms or so) of the transients to pass through before the compression sets in.

Thanks for reading, all the best!

Well, I don’t have Addictive Drums, so it’s going to be a bit of a problem to test…

Let me whip up a “trace” version of the plugin and I’ll contact you for download/test instructions. The plugin will generate a file that I will want you to send back to me…it will at least give me some clue as to what’s going on.


Dear Scott,
no matter what the outcome of this experiment is I really appreciate your work and dedication.

Meanwhile 2 more problems are bugging me.

  • During mixing my current project there was two times a situation where I would turn the Rocket back on after bypassing it on a vocal submix-group and all of a sudden the track would be mono, coming only out of one side of the stereo field. Unfortunately I have not yet found a way to reproduce the error intentionally.

  • Even if theres already one Rocket open in the project and the nagscreen/countdown has gone away: each new instance of plugin opens the internet browser and goes to your homepage as soon as I click on the gui - is that intentional? I know its supposed to be a Demo but nonetheless I find this a rather irritating behaviour and no fun to work with.
    Your other plugins didn`t do that - after the initial nag screen went away I was able to use further instances witout being directed to your page.

All little problems aside: thank you once again for the great work and software you povide!

Hrm…the nag screen behavior sounds wrong, and I thought I had that fixed.

Try this…

Open a NEW Cubase project…

Add a track to it.

Put Rocket on that track and open the GUI

Wait for the nag to go away.

Close the Rocket GUI

Create another new track

Add Rocket to that track and open the GUI.

What does it do at that point?

Don’t vary the procedure…do exactly as I’ve asked.


Ok, followed the instructions.
Second GUI looks normal upon opening (no nag-countdown)
Waited a minute, clicked on skin… and instantly had a browser opening and taking me to your site…
Hope this helps, all the best.

Okay…if it’ll do it in Cubase, it should do it anywhere.

I’ll try to reproduce it and nail it down…I could have SWORN I had that fixed.