Engaging "decadence" mutes audio in Live

Title says it all really! At first thought it was just the Rocket, after closer inspection it turns out to be the Decadence button!! Doesn’t happen on all projects and not all the time in this one project either tho…? Any ideas?

What version of Live? I’m testing against Live 7.0.10 with no issues. If you’re on the same version, can you create the smallest possible project that can semi-reliably recreate the problem so I can test here?

If I can recreate it, I can fix it. Without that, it’s pretty much just a shot in the dark.


Hi Scott, I’m on 7.0.12, I’ll try it again now.

Right, I just made a new song with the Rocket on 3 channels, worked fine. Shut down went to bed woke up rebooted the project… the decadence button muted the audio on the drum channel!! I’m not sure what other info I can give you except I have 3 instances of the Rocket open, the project is at 88200. I’m going to take 2 instances off the project, reboot and see…

Ok, so I took off the 2 non essential instances of “Rocket”, saved my project, rebooted live, opened the project, and voila!! The decadence button works as normal.
So It must be something to do with multiple instances of “Rocket” in live 7.0.12
Hope that helps!

Just a quick random thought:
did you download the latest “Rocket”-version?

I had very similar problems in Cubase 4 with an earlier incarnation of the plugin, that Scott fixed soon after.
All the best!

Errr…you realize that at 88 kHz Decadence makes that plugin run internally at 176 kHz, right??? I’ll still want to fix the problem if I can reproduce it, but I’m not seeing a whole lot of value in Decadence at that sample rate.

Just a thought…


Hi Scott, no I didn’t realise that! Maybe I’ll try and reduce that then, or not bother with “Decadence” at that rate. Any news on sidechaining it in live, while you’re there?

Also, it did happen at lower sample rates…

When did you download your version of the plugin? I haven’t made any changes recently, but as someone pointed out earlier in this thread, I did have similar problems that have already been fixed. If you’ve downloaded within the last month, ignore this question…there have been no changes in that timespan.


yes downloaded in the last month.