Strange Mousewheel behaviour

Apologies for posting this here, but the ‘contact’ button on the main site doesn’t work.

Just a small wierdness I’ve noticed using Rocket in Cubase SX3, PC.
When I first open Rocket in an insert slot, the mousewheel has no effect.
In order to get it to work, I have to right click on a control, type in a value
and enter. Mousewheel now works, until I either close the instance, or shift
focus to another window - then it’s back to no mousewheel…

Can anyone else reproduce this behaviour? Is it Rocket or cubase that’s at fault?

Let me also add, this is one fabulous compressor! Hats off to all at Stillwell Audio!

No problem…this is the right place to talk about it. Had to take the “contact” form offline because of spammers using it.

This appears to be a Cubase issue…I can’t reproduce it in Reaper. I’ll still see what I can do to work around the problem, but no guarantees.


What the…! That was a quick response!!

Thanks Scott.

Can`t reproduce it in Cubase 4 on an Intel-Mac either - works as supposed.
I open the Rocket in insert-slot, hoover over control, turn mousewheel, et voilá: dial gets moved on plugin.
Sorry, whish I could offer more help/insight!