Sidechain is bleeding

I have just tried out the Rocket, I’m on cubase 5.5, after setting up the rocket for sidechaining, the sidechaining is working and its fine, the problem is that the KEY input in my case a kick is bleeding out to the regular stereo outputs?
is it design in this way or is it a bug? I have tried fabfilters pro-c that you set up in the same why as the rocket, and it is not bleeding


I can’t think of any way that would happen unless your routing includes having the sidechain channels go through to the mix…Rocket certainly does NOT have any way for the sidechain signal to become part of the channel 1/2 output.

It’s not analog…there’s no way a “leaky cap” or solder bridge can accidentally get signal onto the wrong wire.

Can you post a screen capture movie showing how you’re setting up the plugin? I’d ask you to send me an example project, but I don’t have Cubase.



Watch in full screen to see

Yeah, I can see what you’re talking about…but I can’t reproduce it with Reaper at all…the sidechain signal does NOT bleed into 1/2, and I know that the 3/4 sidechain signal doesn’t go anywhere but the bit bucket after it passes the plugin, so…blessed silence.

Here’s something to think about…possibly it’s pertinent for you, possibly not. In the plugin I don’t touch whatever goes into the 3/4 sidechain channels…it gets passed through (still on channels 3 and 4). If that signal is getting downmixed to stereo from that Bass Side quadro buss maybe that has something to do with it?

The only thing I can think of is that that Ls Rs signal is somehow getting routed to the outputs as well as to the sidechain input of Rocket. I could be wrong and it could be some interaction between the plugin and Cubase, but I unfortunately have no way to test that right now.

I guess I’ll have to go buy a copy of Cubase soon. Bleh. They haven’t been responsive when I have contacted them for an NFR copy. What’s the minimum edition that still has sidechain? (or Quadro tracks, I guess, since that’s how we’re doing it here.)


I’ve just noticed this myself, the Rocket somehow allows the sidechain trigger to leak into the group channel, there is a 6db gain for a kick drum here.

I asked over at the Steiny forums about it, they pointed me out how to check, so I did with another compressor and that doesn’t have the same issue, the kick doesnt double up in volume (Standard send)

Of course you could port the rocket to the VST 3 standard which has a much easier method of side chaining built in :smiley: lol

I’ll try to find out which version of Cubase has the quadro channel so you can try it out. You can get a demo of Cubase from the site that’s fully functional for a certain period. I agree Steiny should send you an NFR tbh.

I think, (Don’t quote me on this though) Cubase Artist has the ability to use Group Channels in Quadro format for side chain the old way. … rison.html

But if I was you, i’d ask Steiny or someone who has it just in case. They should give you an NFR tbh.

If I can help out in testing in anyway, let me know. Basically the input signal from the Stereo LR sub bus is going through the compressor and not just acting as the trigger.

Just wondering if there is any ETA on a fix for this at all ?

Thanks :smiley:

They should, I’d think…but the last time I contacted them I got NO response…not even a “No”.

It’s gonna be hard for me to fix a problem if I can’t reproduce it. Don’t know what to tell you otherwise…when I can reproduce the bug I will try to fix it. Best I can do.


You can get a fully functional demo here … rsion.html

Not 100% sure you need the dongle or not, may just need the software control.

I was thinking about this, and is it something to do with the group channel itself ?

There are two sub busses for the group channel, one being stereo the other being stereo L+R , the kick sends to the Stereo L+R. I guess the rocket is allowing the kick through on all inputs and not just the sidechain ? Or that the side chain button isn’t sealing the signal off properly ? I’m not a plugin dev so just throwing ideas out but i’m keen to help sort this as I want to use the rocket for sidechaining ! lol

I will tell you that NOTHING gets done with the signal coming in on the sidechain inputs, except for calculating its level to present to the detector of the sidechain. There is ZERO way it goes to the outputs of the plugin. It’s simply not possible. The plugin does not do this on REAPER, or Logic, or any other host that I can think of, and the way the plugin works does not change depending on the host (unless it’s to simply turn off sidechain altogether because the host doesn’t support it…SAW comes to mind)

Maybe somebody else can offer some suggestions, or maybe someone on the Cubase forums can answer your Cubase-specific question. I will try to get a copy to download, but that’s only a temporary solution to YOUR problem, and doesn’t help any other users after that download copy times out. I don’t expect to see anything to fix your problem, because I don’t think there IS a problem. You need to make sure that the 3rd and 4th inputs to the quadro buss are not being routed to the outputs, is all I can think of.

I understand that you have a problem, and I’m sorry, I just don’t think it is a problem with my plugin. The Rocket is used with sidechain by tons of people on tons of hosts…if bleed-through was a problem, EVERYONE would be complaining by now…including me, because I use it constantly. :frowning:

I promise I will download and test, though, just to be complete.


You don’t use it in Cubase though, and this is the problem, Cubase uses the Quadro channel system for VST 2.4 plug-ins it’s not like Reaper or Logic.

I can assure you i’ve tried everything to stop it, but the audio signal is passing through the rocket untouched when set-up for quadro group side chaining. I can set the exact same system up for another VST 2.4 compressor that accepts external side chaining, and when I active the side chain function, the signal stops, and it isn’t passing through.

If you want I will make a video showing this happening, as I need to make a video for another bug in a different area for someone, not hard to do if it will help at all.

I just noticed the VST3 version of the Rocket which is currently in Beta, just wondering how far along development this is ? That would solve the side chain issue in Cubase completely as you don’t need to use the quadro channel for sidechain input, you just use it as an insert and use Cubase VST3 wrappers side chain function (I think that’s the terminology)

I sent you a pm with a link to the video in case you needed to see what was going on, I hope it helps. :slight_smile:

(Is the beta VST3 in 32 bit only ?)

The betas currently don’t have presets working, although I have hopes that I will have that resolved in the next update. Everything else should be functional as far as I know. They are available in both 32 and 64 bit.

Do pay attention to the warnings about backwards compatibility…if you save a project with a version 3 plugin, you won’t be able to use it with a version 2 plugin later…you’ll lose all your settings, and it will possibly crash. Only use safe copies of your projects.


Excellent, well I downloaded the beta and used the 64bit vst3 and so far so good, i’ll report any findings in the beta thread Scott.

That’s fine as long as I can fix the problem before the demo expires. Good luck if I ever have another problem on Cubase…once the demo expires you can’t renew it.