Post presets here!

Use this thread to post your patches. We like RPLs but anything goes, FXPs or DAW project files or screenshots or whatever you want.

Only post patches created in v1.00.03 or later, though. If you have patches created in an earlier version, you can post them at the Preset Hospital and I’ll convert them.


I made 10 patches for Olga which i want to post here. 10 fxp files and one fxb bank file are included. At least version 1.00.08 is recommended

The bank is made with the updated testing version which schwa provided today. Users of old versions schould be careful. My patches are numbers 76 to 85 in the bank, the ones with “IW” at the end of te name.

Note : I already posted the zip file at KVR due to some problems here.

Update : Two more patches added, now it’s 12 of them. :smiley:
Ingonator Olga Patches (13.6 KB)

Nice! Thanks. Some scary sounding stuff in there :slight_smile:

Yes, but i also tried to make some “smooth” patches which is not too easy with Olga. The beast is not too easy to handle, started feeding it with some zebras… :laughing:

20 presets and a friendly hello from here too :mrgreen:

20 more:

Again some standard bread-and-butter sounds, which Olga reproduces in her very special way… Try the mod wheel on each of them.

Steindork, you rock!



Thanks Steindork!

Just got my license yesterday, going to have to start some serious patching now, will post some in return in the next couple of days

But Files not found for the two precedent Bank !

They sure seem to be there for me. Sometimes is down for maintenance…just try again later.


Can’t reach them either. I get “FILE NOT FOUND” as the only reply.


Sorry for the inconvenience, seems the links are dead… :-/ I dug them out of a heap of data garbage and re-uploaded them, I hope they’re still good.


Play with Olga about 2 weeks or so, but already fall in love :slight_smile:

Here is some of my patches

alex_olga_patchs.rar (16 KB)

Some sweet pads and stuff from the hidden soft side of Olga…great! :slight_smile: