OS X version silences tracks in Reaper

Any track with the Rocket in the FX chain doesn’t render— and the project has to be closed and reopened to unmute them! Also Rocket tracks are muted using Bounce as well.

This is with both the AU and VST versions.

David (formerly Tech Support manager at Open Labs :slight_smile:

What host and OS versions, please…


OS 10.5.8 4gb RAM 2.6ghz core 2 duo
Reaper 3.4/i386
Latest version of Rocket available (clean d/l - install today)

K, I’ll test here.



I’m having the same problem, mainly when i try to render in Reaper. All audio suddenly disappears. And have to re put the plugin back in the chain or re start the session.

Could anyone please help? :confused:

Working on it!


Thanks Scott…

I did have to download it again today since my hard drive went down earlier this year and didn’t realise the rocket wasn’t there. (haven’t recorded much!)

I just got the same problem with the Badbussmojo… (which i haven’t purchase yet) thought it might be some nagware?
badbussmojo is awsome btw.

No, none of our stuff intentionally makes silence…our demos are uncrippled.