Oligarc does not save presets in live 7 (fixed in v1.0.1)

Thanks for this amazin plugin,
here’s 1 bug I found (same bug of Olga’s first version): when I load a default preset of Oligarc, Chorus or Phaser (not Drive cos it hasn’t presets), then change some parameters and save the project in Live 7, the preset automatically resets itself to its default settings (thus resetting the changes I made)
hope you’ll fix this soon cos this plugins are my favourite :slight_smile:
Thanks again for your fantastic work

Thanks for the report … do you have the latest update (it will say v1.0.1 on each plugin)?

oh I’m sorry, didn’t notice the updated 1.0.1 version, it works flawlessly, my bad… thx for the quick help :unamused: