Serious stability problem with Live 7 (fixed)

Hello schwa,

i just tried to use my new Olga patches in an Ableton Live 7 project. If i use one instance it is rock solid. As soon as i add a second or more instances of Olga Live 7 crashed every time. The version of Live is the new 7.0.2. I used the Olga file you sent me today.
Like i said a single instance in Live 7 (or Minihost) is absolutely stable but more are not working so far. The starting point was an empty Ableton project so nothing else was inside before adding Olga.

OK, I’ll check it out, thanks for the report.

When it crashes, it’s useful to me to get the module name and offset from the crash report … if you get this information, please PM it to me.

The problem seems to be solved with version 1.01.00.

Tnanks again schwa.

The Ableton Live multiple instance problem with all Schwa/Stillwell plugs is fixed as of the next release of each plugin (Olga 1.01.00 will be out today).

For the record, Live (unlike any other VST host I’m aware of) gives each instance of each plugin its own unique host callback function pointer address. I’m not sure why, because plugins need to send unique identifying information to the callback function anyway.