Oligarc LOGIC - only functions at 44.1 (fixed in v1.00.02)

Hi guys

loving this suite of plugins - major problem here though -

they only work in 44.1k Logic sessions.

If I switch Logic’s sample rate to 48, 88.2 or 96 and try to load the Oligarc or the chorus / drive / phaser modules I get an error message from Logic saying “Failed to load Audio Unit, please contact manufacturer …blah…blah”

all the plugins pass Logic’s AU validation process and are fully authorized.

Is there a fix for this?

Thanks for the report … this is a known bug. I’ll post a fix for it later today.

[edit … see next post]

Sorry for the bug!

Er wait … sorry, insufficient coffee :slight_smile: I may already have fixed this. Please try this test build:
downloads.stillwellaudio.com/sch … arc_AU.zip

I’ve installed the test builds and they seem to be working perfectly…

thank you for the super super-fast response…