Hello !

First thing: your plugs are amazing ! They sound should I say, “analog”, sweet , smooth , natural.

About Oligarc : the demo isnt working in Auditon 3 , Revalver MKII . The plug-in is recognised but when is loaded gives an error and the host is shutdown.

It works fine on Sonar 4 , but I dont like Sonar for audio ,only midi. :cry:

The phaser, drive , chorus they work fine in alone and are the best I have heard !

Any plans for a guitar amp sim , even a simpler one ? The way this things sound , your version would be killer.

Thanks, and I hope to buy something soon.

Audition is always a problem with sidechainable plugins. If you have the patience/energy/zen to work with me on debugging, please send me a PM on this forum.

did you get my PM ?

Yes, but I see you haven’t picked up my reply yet :slight_smile:

If the PM system is inconvenient you can email me at schwa at stillwellaudio dot com.

Sorry :blush:

Ok , I got it !

Later I will try it and send the results.

maybe you can try it in cubase or nuendo …etc… good luck :ugeek: