Random crashes in Live 7.0.3. with version 1.0.1

Hey there,

i experience random crashes with Ableton. I have several instances of Oligarc running, all with the “Dirt Mover” preset. Can’t say why it happens as I do nothing particular with the plugin, it just has to be loaded.
I’m running Ableton on WinXP SP2 with 1GB RAM and a T7200 CPU. My audio interface is a M-Audio FastTrack Pro and I use the M-Audio ASIO driver.


Thanks for the report. I just played for a while with 3 Oligarc instances in Live 7 but I couldnt get it to misbehave. If you have a project that crashes semi-reliably, would you be able to email it to me at schwa at stillwellaudio dot com? Thanks.

The project file is corrupted now and I can’t reload it anymore… I reinstalled the audio drivers and try to recreate the crash… When I have some results, I hook you up!