GUI bug in Live 7 ...

Hey Guys,

I’m loving these plug-ins.

BUT i’m having a problem in Live 7 with, it seems, any of the Stillwell plugs. The Schwa plugs are problematic, too, but not as predictably.

I have Live set to automatically open/close plug-in windows on each track. So… selecting track X will pop up its plug-in UIs just as I left them, selecting track Y will close track X’s UIs and open X’s UIs, etc.

The problem occurs when I have a Stillwell plug on track X, move to track Y to work, then go back to track X. If I touch the Stillwell UI with my mouse, Live immediately exits/closes. It’s hard on my workflow. :slight_smile: (Everything works fine in Reaper, of course.)

My machine is an Intel Core 2 Quad (Q6600) w/nVidia 8800 GTX running XP.

Any thoughts? I can attach a crash report off-list if you want.

  • dan

Thanks for the bug report, Dan.

Would you mind testing the eval version of Olga to see if it shows the same behavior in Live 7? Our plugins share some framework code with one another, and we’re constantly improving the framework code. Since Olga is the latest plugin, it has the latest framework code. I can’t get Olga to mess up the way you describe, so if you can’t either, that probably means we just need to recompile the plugins that are showing problems.


I gave Olga a spin, and can get a similar crash to occur. It requires a little more back-and-forth between tracks, but will kill Live after a few tries. The error definitely seems graphics-related … many times, it will lock up just as the Olga UI is being redrawn on screen (there’s an empty window where the plug should be, then immediately as Olga is drawn, Live locks or exits.)

I’ve got the latest nVidia drivers installed.

other hardware:
MOTU Ultralite
Wacom graphire
Ageia Physx card

As an aside, a couple of knobs on the Olga UI are acting weird. I’d describe which ones, but the cryptic labeling makes that tough :wink: … See image:

Ah … well the knob “weirdness” is intentional, both of those knobs have a detent at straight-up on the knob.
… edit, Live is definitely handling its window drawing differently from other hosts. I see the weirdness you are talking about with those 2 knobs. This is probably related to the other Live problems.

But for the crash, that’s extremely useful info, thank you. I’ll figure out what’s wrong and come back.


FYI, it looks like the 1.5 build of the stillwell plugs has fixed the ableton gui issue. outstanding.
i assume the web-browser-launching nag goes away upon registration?

  • dan

The longer nag turns into a 2-second “thank you” showing the registered name.