Cubase 4 crashes after session close


First…just downloaded your plugs and have only begun to fool with them, but I’m loving what I’m getting so far! My question involves a crash issue I’m having with Cubase. When I open a session and apply your plugs, everything runs great. No crashes. However, when I close the session…after a few seconds Cubase crashes. I’m on a intel MacPro running leopard and Cubase build 4.5.2. any ideas? Like I said the plugs work great as I’m working on a session. Thanks!

Can you narrow it down to one particular plugin (add one Stillwell plugin, then quit, repeat for each plugin)…or do they all do it? Any crash report info you can get and post here would be great.


I have a crash report but it’s too many characters to paste here. I’ll try emailing you. I seemed to do ok with all of them when I added them one by one…after doing so I created a “stillwell” folder in my vst folder and moved all the plugs there. I just got to thinking that this might be a “no-no” and could be creating my problem?