Transient Monster Bug

I get a terrible noise when I increase SUSAIN
scares the hell out of you when monitoring loudly

I’m using OS 10.5.7 Macbook Pro Live809 Transient Monster AU(also checked beta)

Event Horizon setting not saved in Live 8.
when I start live 8 project EH is showing the “Failure…” :angry:

I’m using OS 10.5.7 Macbook Pro Live809 Event Horizon AU(beta)

I’ll check it out. Have you tried to see if the VSTs also do the same thing?

Anybody else reading this…have you seen this behavior in any host OTHER than Live, or any version of Live other than 8?

Thanks for reporting it.


Transient Monster VST

-Same :unamused:

Event Horizon VST

-Live8 crash at start up (so I removed from my VST folder)

Exception Codes: KERN_PROTECTION_FAILURE at 0x0000000000000000
Crashed Thread: 0

Thread 0 Crashed:
0 …lwellaudio.vst.eventhorizon 0x1e8ab170 IPlugBase::LegalIO(int, int) + 82
1 …lwellaudio.vst.eventhorizon 0x1e8aeb1d IPlugVST::IPlugVST(IPlugInstanceInfo, int, char const*, int, char const*, char const*, char const*, int, int, int, int, bool, bool, bool) + 645
2 …lwellaudio.vst.eventhorizon 0x1e89cc34 eventhorizon::eventhorizon(IPlugInstanceInfo) + 148
3 …lwellaudio.vst.eventhorizon 0x1e89db50 VSTPluginMain + 184
4 0x000c82ad void OProcessorCreateManager::SOnProcessorCreate(OThreadMessage&) + 36197
5 0x000c7cf0 void OProcessorCreateManager::SOnProcessorCreate(OThreadMessage&) + 34728
6 0x000c3cb1 void OProcessorCreateManager::SOnProcessorCreate(OThreadMessage&) + 18281
7 0x000c3e6a void OProcessorCreateManager::SOnProcessorCreate(OThreadMessage&) + 18722
8 0x0003163c 0x1000 + 198204
9 0x000504b6 OBeatEvent::~OBeatEvent() + 25878
10 0x00043bed OSendThreadMessageSync::~OSendThreadMessageSync() + 5085
11 0x0004274e OBang::~OBang() + 22432

as i remember that it worked fine in live7

REAPER version of TM works just fine in REAPER x32 and x64.

Yeah, this is a Mac OS X VST-specific bug. Windows VST plugs aren’t affected.