Novation automap weirdness

I’ve encountered some weird issues using any of the Stillwell plugs (and Olga) under Logic 8 with Novations automap. Basically, if I automap the plugs, I get general instability when using the automapped versions (crashes on instantiating the GUI). Olga’s GUI does not render, for example, I just get a blank window, but all the controls are there in the Novation controller and it makes noises.

The interesting thing, and maybe easiest to recreate, is if I instantiate the non automapped version of the Stillwell plugs (any of them). The GUIs in general act very strange. Clicking on controls, register the mouse movement on other controls on the GUI, cause corruption on the GUI itself and generally doesn’t work to well. There seems to be no issues at all with the audio rendering, just the GUI stuff. If I un-automap (is that a word?) the plugs, they work fine. I’ve noticed general issues with some other plugins under automap as well, so this kind of issue is not limited to just you guys.

Not a critical issue for me (I generally don’t try and control compressors in real time) but I just thought I’d give you the heads up.

This would be tricky for us to diagnose at this point, can I ask you to email Novation support? They’ll need to know your exact version of Logic, OSX and Olga and the problems you’re having. They’re better placed to know where things might be going wrong and what we might be able to do about it. answerbase (at) . Please let us know how you get on!

Just for reference, I submitted a ticket with Novation support, I’ll let you know what happens…

We’re talking to Novation too, so hopefully we can attack the problem from all sides.