Novation Nocturn and Olga

Anybody got the Novation Nocturn and Olga to work together?

We’re working with Novation to get the automap functionality as good as we can, please be patient and keep checking back!

Hi - been trying out Olga for the last hour or so and I’m on the edge flipping my card out. Cool cool cool. Any news about Nocturnizing the Olga?

Novation has been swamped. The last thing I heard from them was last week, when they said they’d be sending me something in 4 days. So, hopefully, soon…

Hi - my card got flipped out after all. Seriously good job on Olga. Lately I’ve been looking into NI Kore - you think this issue would cause problems with controlling Olga from Kore?

So, Novation kindly sent me a Nocturn for testing … nifty little unit!

Within 5 minutes of opening the box I’ve got the Nocturn controlling Olga, just using the learn function. As far as I can tell, Olga and Nocturn are all systems go. This is on XP, with Automap 2.0.1168, and Olga 1.01.02.

Is anyone having any trouble with the Nocturn and any of our plugins, on Windows? I’ll test OSX next.