Olga rocks!

I think this must be my perfect synth… I love it! Last year while on tour in Russia I spent a very happy evening playing with a Polyvox synth, remembering how cool analogue synthesis can really be. Now Olga takes that to another dimension, it’s great in every way.


Ahem… maybe I spoke too soon. I tried it first in Audiomulch, where it worked great, but now I’m using it in Cubase Studio 4, and having lots of problems with stuck notes, and notes sometimes not working. Also, it seems to reset itself to the current preset, which is pretty irritating when I’m editing controls as I go. And yes, it’s also quite CPU heavy. But the stuck/not-working midi notes is a show stopper, unfortunately :frowning:

Hi adamvert,

Thanks for coming by. Cubase 4 is sadly the host we tested the most lightly - all the other hosts we were able to beat on pretty thoroughly. I have a suspicion for what C4 doesn’t like. I’ll drop you a PM to see if you’d be willing to help us out by trying a test build.

Sure, I have no problems doing a quick test…

Great, thanks! The stuck note problem is fixed, and the high CPU usage (which I guess was partly due to notes always being stuck on, and partly due to my Cubase flipping out occasionally) is fixed too.

I really like Olga. Can we expect more VSTis in the near future?


like i already stated at the KVR forum i really love the Olga synth. Buyed it today and solved the transklation riddle for the GUI.
I am looking forward to soundbanks from other Olga users. :mrgreen: