Automapped Oligarc Crashes Logic 8...

Hi there,

I’ve been trying to use Oligarc in conjunction with my Novation Remote SL Zero controller, which creates new ‘automapped’ versions of all the plug-ins.

When opening up the automapped versions of Oligarc in Logic 8 on an instrument insert with an instrument selected the application crashes (with an error message ‘Logic Has Unexpectedly Quit’). If there is no instrument plug-in on the track the automapped version shows up in the AU wrapper but without any GUI, though the Novation does display the parameters (but not automatically).

I tried the same combination in Live 7 Lite and the automapped version loads up fine without any crashes.

If possible I would really love to get Oligarc up and running with knobs and faders on the Novation. I know it’s a little outside of the norm but if you were able to help I’d be really grateful. I could send a crash log if necessary.

(I’m on a Mac Pro 2 x Quad 2.8, running Os X 10.5.4 and Logic 8.0.2)

Many thanks,


Thanks for letting us know. We’re going to be looking into the automap situation as soon as we can.

Cool… thanks in advance Mr Tie.

Would be great to use Oligarc on the Remote… it’s one of those plugs which is perfect for knobs and fader tweaking!

(I also had the same issue with the individual elements as well as Bitter)

We are talking to the Novation people and we all want to add Novation support. I hope this happens soon too!

Thanks for the update and for looking into it with Novation… I’ll keep checking in. :slight_smile:

Not be a pain (and too terribly British) but I wondered if there was any news at all about this?

Or a tentative timeline so I don’t keep dropping little follow ups every couple and annoying y’all! :wink:

Hi there,

Wondered if there was any further news on this situation… I noticed there was a similar post in the Schwa general forum around the same time?

Thanks in advance!


Sorry for the delay! I have a Novation here on my desk now and this is high on my list of things to look at.

That’s great to know… thanks for continuing to look into it.

Are there any developments with the Automap/Oligarc scenario?