Novation Nocturn

I recently purchased a Novation Nocturn and was looking forward to using it with the Stillwell plugs. Unfortunately, Automap and Stillwell seem incompatable. 1973 shows up as a blank window, and Major Tom made Logic crash. I’m thinking it might have something to do with the copy protection/registration scheme, as Automap “wraps” the plugs.

i’m also interested in how it’s going with this.

i’ve read the earlier threads saying that schwa had gotten a nocturn from novation to try out. but that was back in august.
sadly the new automap 3 beta doesn’t seem to help.

i really hope this will be sorted as it’s the only thing keeping me from buying these plugs.

other that this problem i gotta say i love the demos i’ve tried.

Im also wondering on this. Wonderful plugs, but I really need them to be usable with the nocturn :slight_smile:

Good job anyways!

Is this a Logic specific problem? Most of the plugins work fine for me with Automap 3 in Reaper.

I just upgraded to Automap 3, and still have the problem with Stillwell plugins in Logic (spinning wheels, no gui, then a crash). Automap works perfectly with Stillwell in Live 7, though. Strange.

If you’re on a Mac, download any of the very latest Stillwell plugins (just updated yesterday) and see if they exhibit the same problem. I made a change that MAY have some influence on the behavior, although I was working on something totally different.


Hello Scott.
I have a brand new novation nocturn and here is my report:

  • In PT8 with the VST transformed into PT plugin (with Fxpansion VST to RTAS), all the Stillwell I own are working perfect except for Vibe EQ (the frequency is linear and the plugin knob doesn’t move)
  • In DP6, there is no window at all and sometimes it make DP crash.

I have the DP crash report if you want.


Please send the report to scott at stillwellaudio dot com.

Make sure that you have the latest beta version of vibe-eq…the problem you’re seeing in Pro Tools should already be fixed.


the answer is sadly no.
just tried them all and they all crashed with the exception of one showing a blank plugin window. next attempt of the latter crashed the daw, might i ad.
btw, i’m on an intel mac running leopard 10.5.6 with logic 8 and automap universal 3 on a remote sl 61.

Argh…well, schwa has a Novation and hopefully will be able to debug this soon. I know he’s super buried right now with other work, but it IS on our radar to get fixed.

Thanks for trying and reporting back!


Thanks for your news!
I can understand that it’s not easy to fix all the issues, so many DAW & System…

I’ve send you the report at your mail address as suggested.

Thanks again to you and Schwa for your great work!!!


Tried 1973 and Event Horizon with Live 7 and a Novation Nocturn on Automap 3 and works beautifully.

For clarification, Stillwell plugins work fine in PT8 with nocturn.
My problem is in DP6.02…

Anyway, I can work in DP without nocturn… That’s my solution for now

Hello Scott!
Any news for that issue?
Thanks to let me know :slight_smile:

We won’t be able to work on this immediately, as schwa has several other pressing issues taking up his development time (and he’s the one with the Nocturn)…we DO have this on the list to look at, though.

We’ll post messages here and on other forums when we make progress, though…keep your eyes open.


Thanks Scott for your fast answer!
I do understand the difficulty to address all the small glitches and I can work with the plugins now (the most important part for me)
Using the Nocturn is not a urgent issue! (advancing my mix is more urgent :wink: )

Sometimes, I’m just a :ugeek: !!!