Olga won't work in 64-bit Sonar on XP64

I cannot get the plug in to work in Sonar 7 on PC. The olga.dll just hangs on loading and crashes program. I have downloaded the latest version 1.01.01

Hmm … it works here in Sonar 6. I don’t have 7.

Just to make sure we’re trying exactly the same code, would you mind downloading this build of Olga and trying it in Sonar? It should show up as v1.01.02 in the upper right corner. Thanks.

downloads.stillwellaudio.com/sch … nstall.exe

I tried this version also and no luck - hangs PC when scanning for plug ins

What CPU are you on? I have noticed that Sonar (unlike other hosts) will scan plugins that are not the right architecture (Sonar even scans non-dlls to see if they are plugins) … is there any chance you are on a non-SSE2 machine, like an Athlon XP, and trying to load the SSE2 version of Olga? See the footnote here, for the non-SSE2 build of Olga: stillwellaudio.com/?page_id=37

That’s a random guess of course … if that’s not the problem, I’ll make a tracer build of Olga, and we’ll go from there. Thanks for your help in sorting this.

I installed the version 1.01.02 and I have also tried older versions.

My PC is basically :

Operating System Microsoft® Windows XP x64 Professional 64-bit
Motherboard Manufacturer Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd.
Model P35-DS3P
Processor Description Intel® Core™2 Duo CPU E6550 @ 2.33GHz
Total Memory 4096MB
Total Hard Drive 932GB
Display JW199D, 19.1" (41cm x 26cm)
BIOS Processor Description Intel® Core™2 Duo CPU E6550 @ 2.33GHz
Display Adapter NVIDIA GeForce 8500 GT

OK. If you get a chance, could you download downloads.stillwellaudio.com/sch … TRACER.zip, unzip and copy to your DLL folder? If you attempt to load it into Sonar, it should create a file called C:\IPlugLog.txt (the file should be generated even if it crashes). If you zip and attach that file here, it may help me figure out what’s going wrong.

Incidentally, are you able to load Bitter in Sonar 7? The answer to that question will also help me figure out where in the code the problem lies. stillwellaudio.com/?page_id=33

Thanks very much.

Bitter worked fine.

Attached is tracer log.
IPlugLog.rar (180 Bytes)

dosh23 thank you … every additional piece of information helps, but it’s tough when I can’t debug something first hand. If you’d care to DL and run this tracer build of a test plugin, that would be great – it will also write a file C:\IPlugLog.txt : downloads.stillwellaudio.com/sch … TRACER.zip

Thanks very much, I know it’s a pain to do this.

OK. Here is the latest tracer log.
IPlugLog.rar (574 Bytes)

Well, you’re not going to like this … a friend has Sonar 7 on a Core Duo setup and I installed Olga on his machine with no problems (screenshot attached).

dosh23, XP64 is the non-standard part of your setup, but I can’t think why that would affect Sonar or Olga which are both 32-bit applications. Do you have any other VST host programs that you could try Olga in, to identify if the problem is Sonar-specific or not?

If anyone else is reading this who can report that Olga works or doesn’t work in Sonar 7 on a multiprocessor setup, or XP64, or both, please let us know.

OK. I will try a few things. DId the logs reveal anything ??

The log for Olga showed that it was loading properly, but dying almost immediately. The log for the tracer plugin was totally normal. This is a really unusual problem, I’m sorry to be at a loss, but I can’t recreate it here. If anyone else on Sonar 7 has any information to report, good or bad, that would be helpful.

Well, one question does occur to me just now, thinking about it … the tracer plugin log doesn’t show the GUI being opened. Did it open?

I couldn’t get the GUI to open. It would hang at the scanning stage. I have basically disabled all the other plugins in case of a conflict and it still would not load on its own. I have installed the 64 bit of Sonar but for some reason it is not the (X86)program folder but in the normal program folder. Not sure why. I have also been unable to have rewire as an option on Sonar. The menu item is greyed out and no idea as to that problem yet.

Olga does open in Cubase 4.

Rewire is not available as an option in Sonar 64bit as it does not support 64 Bit processing. All 32 bit VST in Sonar work through “Bit Bridge” which acts like Rewire to enable them to operate in a 64 bit project.

It would seem that there is a specific problem with Olga in this environment as it loads into Cubase 4 and I have also been able to load 32 bit plugins into Sonar.

More info:

forum.cakewalk.com/tm.asp?m=1111 … =&#1111935

Do you have the 32-bit or 64-bit Cubase 4 installed? Meaning, is the fact that Olga runs in C4 on your setup evidence that it runs inside a 64-bit application, or that it runs on your machine at all?

I believe it is 64 bit installed but I don’t use it due to incompatibility with my older favorite plug ins. It also operates a bit convertor for 32 bit plug ins.

Have you tried the Sonar in 64 bit mode on a PC running 64 Bit XP ? Earlier when you mentioned a friend running it on a Core2 Duo you mentioned that Sonar was 32 Bit (quoted below). The version I am running is 64 bit. See my earlier link to FAQ’s

Yes, I understand the situation. At the moment I have to lamely say that my plugins aren’t supported within a 64-bit-memory-address application running on a 64-bit OS. I don’t know what the area of incompatibility is, but from your trace logs it appears to have to do with window or graphics management.

I don’t have a test environment for a 64-bit OS, so there’s not much I can actively do to try to improve compatibility, though this will become a more common situation as time goes on, so eventually I’ll have to get a test environment.

I know you understand all of this, but for the benefit of anyone else reading this thread who is concerned about compatibility: the only situation this affects, that I can think of, is 64-bit Sonar running on Vista or XP64, or 64-bit Cubase 4.1 on Vista (Cubase says it’s not supported on XP64).

32-bit Sonar, or any other DAW, running on Vista, XP64, or regular Windows XP, should be fine.

And for the record, all of our plugins run at 64-bit sample resolution always, but that has absolutely nothing to do with this issue … I only mention it because people sometimes confuse sample resolution with application memory address size.