“external exception C000001D”
noSSE2 version of “Olga”
Host Fl7, EnergyXt 1.4, Samplitude 9… anything.
Help… Thanks.

thanks for answering my question.

Sorry, people have been away. Could we have some more details please? : Is it the latest version of Olga, some simple Hardware and OS details, the audio device you are using, what you are doing when the problem happens? Thanks!

It was a weekend after all :slight_smile:

The no-SSE2 build of Olga (not the normal one) looks like a bad build, I’ll try to put a fixed one up today.

OK, please try out downloads.stillwellaudio.com/sch … nstall.exe . The previous no-SSE2 installer had a bad build in it.

I dusted off an old P3 and the new build loaded and played fine.

“It was a weekend after all” :slight_smile: Thanks, guys! Works! :wink: Great sound, super manual. :wink: