stuck notes fix

OK! I’ve just released a build that I hope will address the stuck notes problem in Sonar and FL (and maybe C4, I can’t test that one yet).

You can get the updated build off the main Olga page at If you previously downloaded, you can install right over the old one (and if you bought a license, the updated build will be licensed too, that will be the case through version 2.0.0).

You’ll know you have updated the build if the brass Olga nameplate reports v1.00.02. If for any reason you need to roll the build back, v1.00.01 is still available at a.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to give 'er a play!

i’m using olga in reaper and I noticed that if i trigger a note in any voicing mode other than one unison and then change the voicing mode to unison the note gets locked.

so if a trigger a note in noise mode and before olga finishes playing the sound i switch to a unison voicing, the note will lock. playing any key at this point will unlock the note. If i change the voicing back to noise while that note is locked it remains locked in “noise” mode. the only way to get the note to stop is to re-trigger the original note or hit the panic button on my controller

while the note is locked all other notes are able to play normally. didn’t do an extensive test but i hope you get the point.


Thanks for the bug report! This will be fixed in the next release.

… should be fixed now.