dealing with updating to v1.00.03

Hi. Olga v1.00.03 is now available here With this update, state should now save properly in Cubase, FL, and other hosts. If you see state-save problems in any host please let us know. Also there are a number of other minor bug fixes, and some new presets.

The bad news is that patches saved in versions earlier than v1.00.03 will not load in v1.00.03 or any later version. If you have Olga instances saved in projects, and you copy the updated Olga.dll over the old one, your projects may or may not load. (I believe Reaper projects will load, but I’m not sure about other hosts.)

This is a one time problem, patches and projects created in v1.00.03 will load in any later version of Olga. Here are a few different ways to handle the v1.00.03 update.

Option 1: Discard your existing patches and projects. Olga’s only been released for 48 hours after all.

Option 2: Before updating, copy and then open your existing projects, save all the patches as FXPs, and delete all Olga instances. Then post the FXPs at the Preset Hospital the Preset Hospital . I can convert the patches to v1.00.03 compatible versions. Update, insert new Olga instances, and re-load the updated patches.

Option 3: Send me your project that contains old instances of Olga. I may be able to convert the project.

Option 4: Try to keep both the old and new versions, either in different places or with different names. Depending on your audio host, this will require varying degrees of fiddling and technical hand-dirtying, and may not be feasible in some hosts.

To repeat, the state format will not change again, so patches created in v1.00.03 will load in any later version of Olga.

(By the way, Olga licenses will remain valid for all updates through 2.00.00. If you put the new Olga in the same place the old one was, you don’t have to do anything else for Olga to remain licensed. )