Can't get Olga to work with Cubase SX3

Hi all

I’ve been trying get the Olga demo to work with Cubase SX3 running under XP. I’ve tried installing the .dll in the common steinberg/vstplugins folder and cubase sx 3/vstplugins, but without any luck. I’ve tried the demo on June Computer Music, and the download from Stillwell, and I’ve also successfully loaded another vst plugin to check it wasn’t something with my system.

Any ideas? Olga sounds as though it’s great and I really want to try it out.


If you have an older computer, or something like an Athlon XP, that doesn’t support the SSE2 instruction set, then you’ll need a different version of Olga.

You can download the non-SSE2 version of Olga here: … nstall.exe