Multi-Mode schOPE in Logic 8...

I’m having trouble getting multi-mode schOPE to play nicely with Logic 8.

In the situation where you want to compare two stereo tracks against each other using the sidechain input I am getting only getting the first signal across all four channels.

In the second, where i would like to compare a track dry and then with eq added, how would i go about setting that up in logic. Can I just insert the EQ on the channel insert or do I have to send to a bus and then select that bus as a sidechain?

Many thanks in advance for your help.



I too need to know how to make the same thing in Logic 8.
It’s a wonderful tool, would be really nice to make the most out of it!

Hi … with Schope AU v1.53 and Logic 8, inserting the plugin on a stereo track displays that stereo input on Schope channels 1+2. Selecting another stereo track as the sidechain input in the Logic 8 plugin frame window, then enabling Schope channels 3+4 (press the big button in each channel’s controls), displays the second stereo input on Schope channels 3+4. If this isn’t working for you, could you maybe post a simple Logic project that demonstrates the problem?

Scoping dry vs wet signals requires a bit of setup in Logic (because I don’t think Logic has pre-FX sends… any Logic experts please correct me if I’m wrong). What I did is: put the dry audio source (live mic, recorded region, etc) on its own track, and send that track to a bus. Add another track, use the bus as the input source, insert whatever FX you want, then insert Schope. Use the dry track as the sidechain input to Schope. That should give you pre-FX on Schope channels 3+4, and post-FX on channels 1+2.

Many thanks for the fast reply, I’ll ask in the apple forums with the logic-gurus if they have any smoother way of doing it!
I’ll reply that here because I think it will benefit the product and any logic+schwa user.

Last I have to thank you for all the excellent product that are priced just perfect and with the addition of evaluation modes I just want to
support Stillwell as much as I can because I think it’s a great concept!


I’ve made a very quick Logic 8 file, using only Logic instruments/effects and SchOPE with a one bar loop only… see how it plays your end?



PS: Congrats… schOPE got a very nice write up in the latest issue of Tape Op btw. The word is getting out! :slight_smile:
schope (123 KB)

Did you have any luck with that Logic file I posted Mr Schwa?

Thanks in advance!


Perhaps an obvious technique, but if you’d want to have Schope monitor four discrete mono sources in Logic Studio, you can use a variant of the bus trick.
If your four sources are on channels 1-4, you pan them e.g. hard L, hard R, hard L, hard R. Then you route channels 1+2 to bus 1, and channels 3+4 to bus 2. Select Schope as plug-in on bus 1, and bus 2 (way down at the bottom of my list) as sidechain.

That’s a cool trick.

Is schOPE working as expected with you and Logic 8?

I can’t seem to get the Sidechain feature to work properly and don’t appear to be getting any feedback from Mr Schwa.

Hi, sorry for the delay in responding!

In your project, I’m looking at your “Send 1” channel, which takes its input from Bus 9, and has a channel EQ on it, followed by Schope. So the wet signal is going into Schope channels 1&2. I selected Bus 9 as the sidechain input for that Schope instance, which brings the dry signal into Schope channels 3&4. You can see the dry (green) vs the wet (white) in this screenshot, which clearly shows the big EQ boost at about 3kHz:

I turned off Schope channels 2 and 4 for simplicity, but if they were on, you’d see the dry right channel in Schope channel 4 (blue) and wet right channel in Schope channel 2 (red).

Hope that helps!

Hi Mr Schwa,

Thanks for looking at the Logic file.

So my problem was that I was giving the wrong Sidechain Input… it makes sense now.

Where I was getting confused is I was thinking that the a1 and a2 options in the sidechain pulldown were the two audio instruments as these were the only tracks I was using. I didn’t think of using the actual bus input as the dry signal… cool!

I guess my question now (yeah, sorry there’s always an ‘and another’) is is there any reason why the direct audio instrument tracks do not show up in the sidechain pulldown menu? Is it a Audio track and bus object thing only with Logic and Sidechaining?

Thanks again for taking time out to do that… I also prefer the fully-opaque version that you had up.

Will be good to get into using the thing now! :slight_smile: