Multi-Mode in Pro Tools?

Anyone know how to get more than 2 channels in Pro Tools LE with Schope wrapped in a VST to RTAS adapter? There is no sidechain input in the plug-in dialogue as there is in Logic, and as far as I know I can’t create a 4-channel track or bus. Please help if you can.

Love the plug in my trials in Logic so far BTW. Nice work Schwa!

Hello. I am interested in the answer to this question. I have gotten the evaluation copy of schOPE to work with Pro Tools LE 8 using FXpansions VST wrapper. Is 4 channels even possible in PT? Is it a PT issue or just a matter of coding a sidechain into schOPE? I’ve used a couple of Waves plugins that allow sidechaining…

I am sooo excited about using this plugin, and I plan to buy it later on today. Please let me know if more than 2 channels in PT is possible. Thanks.

Hi, unfortunately I don’t know the details of how the RTAS wrapper works, but ideally you would be able to send input to channels 3/4 by selecting that input as “key input” for Schope. I wouldn’t be surprised if the wrapped Schope doesn’t show a key input though, in which case channels 3/4 can’t be used in PT as far as I know.

Here is a screenshot of schOPE in ProTools. I have looked everywhere for a “key input.” My last hope is that someone will see something that I am not seeing and point out a way to route to channels 3 and 4.

If not, I will have to learn how to use Reaper, Logic, Cubase, or something that uses AU or native VST :neutral_face:

You might want to check with FXpansion, as in this thread on gearslutz: … gin-5.html

“DO NOT expect as already mentioned side chain to work when wrapped as the wrapper only supports 2in/out.”

Maybe Angus can make it happen, but unless it’s supported in the wrapper, it’s not going to have all four inputs in Pro Tools.

  1. I assume that an RTAS version of this plugin is NOT forthcoming???

  2. I contacted Angus at FXpansion and am waiting for a reply.

  3. The adapter shows 4 inputs have been wrapped in the dialog box (see picture)

Sup yall,

The work around that Ive found is to get the multi freq tool working.

  1. Set up a mono aux track
  2. Route the 1st signal thru the Key/Side Chain
  3. Route the 2nd signal thru a bus send, or set the input on your aux track directly.

Hope reviving this old ass thread can be of some use to someone.