Routing the inputs on Logic 9

Maybe I am just being stupid, but I cannot work out how to route inputs into an instance of SChope.

I just bought it, can open it fine (only on a stereo track though) but I cannot route anything through it, except for the main output of the track it is inserted onto. Can anyone tell me a step by step guide as to how to get this working properly

i.e. have a bassline of one track and a kick drum on a different track, but have them both show up on SCHope?

Pleeeeeeeease help :wink:

Open a support ticket…The information on how to do that is stickied at the top of every forum here.


Have done that now.

Thanks Scott

Right, got it. Forwarded to schwa.


Hi Scott…haven’t heard anything back yet. Any ideas?

Hi, thanks for buying Schope!

In Logic 9, insert Schope on a stereo track. By default it will display the audio on that track, white for left, red for right.

To add additional inputs from other tracks, choose the track you want to add from the “Side Chain” dropdown at the top right of the plugin window, then enable channels 3 and 4 in Schope by pressing the buttons under the numbers 3 and 4 on the GUI. It should then display the audio from the other track in green for left, blue for right.

Thanks Schwa

Is there any way to use it on Mono tracks too?

It should “just work” and show you that mono channel on the left input of the first stereo channel (white trace), as far as I know. There is no special mono-only version of the plugin.