Schope Multi Channel view in Ableton Live 7

Hey guys,

Just found out about your plugs and they all seem great! Really looking forward to picking up a few of them. I do have a question about Schope though.

I’m using Ableton Live 7, and I’ve been trying to find a multi-channel frequency analysis plug (versus the single channel spectrograph that’s included with Live).

Schope looks great, and four channels is more than sufficient for my needs, however I’m a little confused as to how to route the audio from Live’s tracks to individual channels within Schope. I’ve gone through the manual, but I don’t see anything that allows me to route through the channels of a vst plug.

If you can give me a heads up as whether or not this is even possible in this app, I’d love to buy it;)

Thanks, and take care!

Im also trying to figure out how to do it in Logic, i want to buy it but i want to understand how to use it, if someone could show us how, please help.
I think a short tutorial on how to set it up and use it would be great.


In both Live and Logic, you can view 4 channels at once (2 stereo pairs) by hooking up a sidechain.

In Logic sidechaining is straightforward: insert Schope on a track, which will display that track on channels 1+2, then in the plugin frame window, select a different track for the sidechain input, which will display on channels 3+4.

Sidechaining in Live is a bit more involved, but you can find some good tutorials and videos online:

If you need to route audio from a channel in ableton then look at your io section (you can select it from the right side of the screen) and check audio to. You should be able to see schope(channel3/4) appear, or at least something similar. The problem then is that you won’t be able to hear it. The way I got around this was by duplicating the channel, grouping it together with the first and then sorting the routing out. You’ll have to do a bit of experimenting yourself to find out your best way of working, but it is possible to do.