How do I use Schope’s routing feature In Cubase 4 example kick & bass

I haven’t used C4, but in SX3 you would either:

To scope mono bass against mono drum bus, set up a stereo track for Schope, send the bass panned L and the drum bus panned R to that stereo track.

To scope stereo bass against stereo drum bus, set up a quadro track for Schope, send the bass stereo track to the first quadro stereo in pair and the drum stereo track to the second quadro stereo in pair.

wow ! thanks for the fast reply great plugins

Hi - is it possible to do the same thing with Live7? To get four separate inputs into Schope I mean. I know about Cubase and it can handle lots of inputs - but when it comes to Live, I’m not that sure on how it works.

Yes … do a web search for “Ableton Live sidechain tutorial” for instructions.

No, sorry. I just can’t get more than two mono channels into Schope. The web tutorials about sidechaining are cool and all - last week I got Stillwells Rocket pumping nicely in Live using the sidechain. But more than two mono inputs/one stereo in Live? That must be serious black ninja-magic.

Another thing. When I use the horisontal slider to zoom in on frequencies, Live crashes. I’m using the latest Live 7.0.10.


That’s just it, though…the sidechain inputs ARE channels 3 & 4 for schOPE.


This sounds like a bug that was fixed with Schope v1.51 … please make sure you have the latest version.

It is v1.51.

Yep. It seems this was the thing I overlooked. Got all four channels into Schope now. Thanks Scott.