Schope Question

Really Cool Plugin! i really would like to learn how to use it but im having a tuff time understanding it. it would be cool if you could post some kind of tutorial video explaining how to use this incredibly powerful tool, maybe youtube it?



Hi Again
Im completely Lost,i really need some help. would be it possible to have some kind of step by step tutorial video of this plugin?
ive asked several times with no response, im ready to give you my money, please help me understand it. im Logic Pro 8


Hi … sorry, we don’t have any sort of tutorial for Schope. To see what you’re listening to, just insert it as an effect on a track. You’ll then be able to see the waveform, or the frequency content, or the stereo image, or freeze or zoom any of the views.

If you have a particular view that you’d like some explication of, feel free to post a screenshot.

For more advanced use like kick/bass scooping: insert Schope on the kick track and select the bass track as the sidechain (or vice versa), and enable all 4 channels in the plugin (the 4 big buttons). In frequency mode, you will be able to see the frequency content of the kick and the bass, which are likely to be using much of the same part of the spectrum. You can then “scoop” the colliding frequencies out of the bass, which will make the bass sound weaker when you solo it, but will often make the kick/bass combination blend much better.

How do I set it up as a side chain? Thanks!

Ok I can’t seem to see the bass and drums separately. I created a group buss and opened the Schope on it. I sent Buss and bass to that group buss. Obviously this is a good idea because it is reading them together. I need to have the colors in the schope show the bass and drum buss by separate colors?


In Logic (or any host), if you want to compare multiple sources, you need to set up a sidechain.

  • Insert Schope on, say, the kick track. Now you will see the kick as channel 1 in Schope (or channels 1&2 if the kick is a stereo track).

  • Select “sidechain” from the Logic plugin frame window, and select, say the bass track. Now you will see the bass as channel 3 in Schope (or channels 3&4 if the bass is a stereo track, (which would be unusual)).

Does that help?

It seems Cubase only allows me to sidechain cubase compressor or effects. Is there a way to do it in cubase another way?

Which version of Cubase are you using sir?

I am using Cubase 4.5.2. I know how to sidechain using the “Cubase” compressor which has that option on the compressor but not using insert like Schope.

In SX3 you would have done this:

  • Create a quadra track, insert Schope
  • Send one source track to the quadra track channels 1+2
  • Send another source track to the quadra track channels 3+4

I haven’t used Cubase 4, but I assume quadra tracks still exist.

I looked this up and can’t find info on it.How do I find it or set it up?

edit Removed useless response. This should do it.