tutorial for Cubase Studio?

hi,i,m a new user.

  1. Is the demo fully functional?
    2.If so, can you please explain how to set schope up ,the manual that i have with the demo gives no help .


From the home page of our website:

“The evaluation copy has exactly the same high-quality processing as the licensed version, no beeps, hisses or odd silences.” All of our evaluation copies are fully functional.

I’ll let Schwa answer questions about his plugins, but this bit of information above pertains to ALL of our plugins.


so ,iwon,t have trouble when i have instructions on using the Cubase Side-chain (compressor!?)with Schope to analyse bass and kiks for example?



Schope can be set up to read 4 channels of input in Cubase. You do this using a quadra track, the same way you would set up a sidechain compressor. The primary input will be displayed in Schope channels 1+2 and the sidechain input will be displayed in Schope channels 3+4. If you google for “Cubase sidechain tutorial” you will find a number of helpful videos describing how to set it up.

i don,t have quadra tracks.Only Stereo.When i set up a side chain i put it as an insert say bass,then use the send on the kik channel to apply the effect.
I have tried putting schope on an insert,so i get 2 signals .How would i then proceed?

If Cubase Studio doesn’t support Quadra tracks, then you can’t use all 4 channels of Schope. You MUST have 4 channels of input on the track, or there’s no way to get the audio to the plugin.


EDIT Cubase Studio 4 only supports sidechaining for VST3 plugins. Our plugins (and the majority of those on the market right now) are based on the VST2.4 or earlier standard, so it’s irrelevant that Cubase Studio has a sidechain compressor plugin.