Losing settings

I am trying out your plugins in Logic 8 (G5 Dual 2.0 and a MBP 2.0), and really enjoying them. I seem to be losing the plug-in settings when I move a session from one computer to the other, though. The plugins are holding their values when I save and reopen on the same system, but I’m having troubles moving back and forth. I was wondering if you’d seen this behavior before.

Do the machines have the same versions of the plugs? I’ve seen an instance where the original release of the plugs other than Rocket have a version incompatibility in settings…we’re not sure how it happened, but some of the source code must have gotten out of sync.

If they DO have different versions, we’re unfortunately left with a case where you’re going to have to hang on to the old versions to open old projects with, and use the new versions for everything else.

Major pain, I know, but there’s nothing to be done about it at this point except make sure it never happens again.


Sorry about the delay. I was in session and couldn’t check.
It seems I have the same version of Rocket on both computers (there’s no version number, but both were created Sept 11 at 7pm). Could it be an issue with PPC vs Intel? The settings are fine on a single system - they only get lost when switching computers.
Thanks again

Sorry for the inconvenience, but at present, none of our AU plugins will remember their saved state when moving between Intel and PPC Macs. We’ll address this in a future update.

Ah, the unfortunate answer.

If I go back and forth between the G5 and the Intel MBP with the same session, any plug settings made on one system do not exist on the other system upon transfer. All controls are set to a default zero position after transfer.

I checked a few instances with known saved user presets, and they don’t reload if toggled.

That’s a bit of a deal-breaker; is there any work-around? How would you pull up a session on a different system a year down the road? Would love to see a fix for this.


Doug Williams

Well, we can’t promise until we’ve actually made it happen, but we will do our best to make sure that legacy projects load correctly. This may not be possible, but we’ll sure try.


Thanks Scott! Good luck!