Can't save settings in Vibe

Settings for certain frequencies will not save from session to session–they revert to default settings each time I open a session.

Running PT 7.3 on a Intel iMac

Please open a support ticket by sending email to support at stillwellaudio dot com, and be sure to activate your account when the system sends you a confirmation message.

Also…“certain frequencies”…which ones?


I’ve had this issue at times in Logic Pro. Vibe more than others – settings are the same but the UI (just the “knob” position) reverts to default settings. A side note – whenever I get the “thank you for registering” flash message, I know my UI is going to be reset like explained above; even though I’ve had the same paid license key file in my au components dir for months. I love stillwell sonics so I really don’t mind these bugs…if they were fixed it would be icing on the cake.

Exactly right. Knobs default to original settings. I’ll place the low shelf at 110 and salt to taste. When I re-open the session, the low shelf is back sitting at 60.

But it doesn’t matter what the original setting was…it resets to default value regardless, correct?


Scott – I’ve never noticed any specific settings that might cause this; it just randomly seems to occur. Just to clarify, if I set a low shelf at 110, the gui will show the knob at 60 but the shelf at 110 will still be in place. I’ll start paying attention to what the settings are when it occurs.

Ah,okay…it’s a GUI issue then. Cool, that helps (and makes me breath a sigh of relief…if it was hosing the actual saved parameters I was gonna be sweating).


I have this same problem with Logic 9.1.8 (32bit) on macbook pro, Snow Leopard 10.6.8

Whatever settings I have when I save and close the project, when I open the project again, the frequency buttons jump to default position. The gain buttons stay as they were saved, but the frequency buttons jump to default position. I have tested it and this is just visually, sonically the plugin boosts/cuts saved frequency. This is quite a problem since I can’t be sure which frequency I boosted/cut, since maybe my vocals sounds boomy, but when I open the plugin, it says I boost 2,5kHz and it is not what I hear.

I didn’t buy the plugin, just tested it as valuation copy. I like it a lot, so I wonder if this problem would persist even if I buy the plugin?

You can’t save, it’s not a problem, it’s the evaluation limitation of the plugin.

That is incorrect. Our evaluation plugins have no limitations. If settings are not being saved, it’s a problem. We’ll get it fixed.


So what are the differences between evaluation copy version and the version with a licence ?

Without a license you are legally obliged to remove the software after 30 days’ evaluation.

With a license the nag screen goes away.

Other than that, there are no technical limitations, because we trust our users to do the right thing.

If someone is going to break the law and use our plugins unlicensed, they’ll do it whether I put in limitations or not - they’ll just get cracks. At least if they use our eval versions I know I’m not helping to spread malware that is usually attached to cracks.


I don’t understand if it is just my problem, but I have tried also Event Horizon and it does similar thing. When I reopen the project it is in his “non operational” state (the red warning label appears in the right upper corner of the plug in). Another weird thing is that it doesn’t happen every time, just randomly every second or third time I open the project.

I don’t have any problems with my other plugins.

I wonder what is going on with this problem of settings not recalled?