Grrr, I can't take it anymore!

Sorry to rant but the Vibe and 1973 EQs are really p***ing me off … it’s the bloody go-to-homepage ‘feature’ - its totally ridiculous! Everytime I go to change a dial it opens up the bloody browser! I’m in the middle of working on some music, why do I want to keep visiting the homepage?!? If I want to go to the stillwell site I’ll click on a bookmark or something! The plugins are so completely oversensitive to being ‘moused’ in the wrong way - no other plugins I know of are like that, it’s happening 5 or 10 times a session - everytime the computer has to pause and load the browser - grrrrr! It’s not happening because I’m double-clicking on a go-to-website link, its happening just touching a dial or switch … it doesn’t even ask if I want to go to the site, it just opens the bloody browser …

… I’ve finally had the time to try out the plugins properly over the past few days and I do like the sound and simplicity of them … but its really frustrating to have to carefully tiptoe around them, it’s putting me off using them :frowning:

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I’m sorry that you’re having problems…if this is happening to you, we need to figure out why and FIX it now. Can you help us with some information?

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Alright…let’s start with some basics…

When did you download the plugins?

What platform are you on (Mac or PC)

If Mac, what type of plugin (AU or VST)

When you are clicking, are you clicking on the nag screen? That’s SUPPOSED to take you to the website. Once the nag screen goes away, it should never do that again…UNTIL the last instance of that plug is unloaded and then another instance gets loaded again. In other words, if you load Vibe into a new project, you’ll get the nag. If you remove it and add it back…you’ll get the nag again. If you then load a SECOND instance of that plugin, no nag. If you then load 1973…another nag. Close the project and load another? It’s gonna happen again.

Any time the nag is visible and you click in that area, it’s going to go to the website. Any time else, it shouldn’t.

If it’s broke, I’ll fix it, but if it’s doing what it’s supposed to, then it’s errr…doing what it’s supposed to.


I think I may finally have found the problem…but I need you to confirm what’s happening at your end.

Create a new project.
Add Vibe-EQ to it…wait for the nag to go away.
Click somewhere where the nag used to be.
Does it go to the website? It shouldn’t, by everything I can tell.

Add a second Vibe-EQ to that same project.
Does the nag display? It shouldn’t

Click somewhere where the nag used to be.
Does it go to the website? It shouldn’t.

Now, close the Vibe-EQ GUIs, but leave the project open.
Save that project and exit your DAW software.
Restart your DAW and open that project.
Open one of the two Vibe-EQs.
The nag should display and go away…wait for it.
Click somewhere where the nag used to be.
Does it go to the website? It shouldn’t.

Open the other Vibe-EQ.
Does it display the nag? It might…
Click where the nag used to be (or is).
Does it go to the website? If I’m right, it probably will.

Add a THIRD Vibe-EQ to the project
It should not display a nag. Does it?
Click where the nag would have been.
Does it go to the website? It shouldn’t.

If this describes the behavior you’re seeing, then I have a fix for it and I’ll be releasing new versions shortly. If not, then try to break down the conditions under which it DOES do it. I know it’s a pain, but being methodical is the only way we’re going to identify where the problem is coming from.


hi scott, sorry for the late reply, i downloaded the latest latest version with the extra .1s etc … i think the problem is/was with my own impatience to grab the dial and catching the last milliseconds of the nagscreen, that combined with trying out vibe, undoing it, trying 1973, undoing, going back to vibe etc + opening and closing projects … after a couple of long days it just felt like it was randomly launching the website, but it may just have been that it was always new ‘first instances’ within the same project …

the nice thing about the plugins is their simplicity and their ‘grabability’ and they make it hard to be patient …

sorry if i caused you any concern about bugs or bad behaviour, if there are any bugs then they are in my brain :slight_smile:

i tried your steps and couldnt get any weblink on sonar 7 on xp sp3, although i did manage to get, on one occasion only, for the nag screen graphic to stay permanently on one instance when i opened multiple copies while the nagscreen was still active. the nag graphic stayed on top and was slowly erased by turning the dials, but no weblink.
i couldnt get that situation to reoccur, its so obscure its not worth bothering with, and it didnt go to the weblink.