A hello, a thank you, and a complaint

Hi there. I recently purchased The Rocket and Major Tom, and been very happy with them so far. Many thanks for these quality and decently priced plugins!

One thing I’m not so happy with though:

The nag screen I get on the plugins every time I open up the session, “Registered to: blah blah…”.
I know this is meant to discourage spreading copies of the license, but it gets quite annoying after a while. Maybe it could be placed in a corner of the GUI, so it wouldn’t be in front of the controls. And it doesn’t need to last that long… :sunglasses:

Anyway, thanks for these great pieces of software, Scott!

If you have the registered copy, then clicking anywhere on that message will make it go away (rather than taking you to our website like the unregistered copy would). Won’t stop it from appearing, but you don’t have to wait for it. It’s also way shorter than the UN-registered message.

That being said…I’m considering redoing the nag…Bombardier (our most recent plugin) already does it the way you describe.

Glad you’re liking them otherwise!



Regarding the nag on the latest plugs (since I’ve pulled my license out of the plug-in directory as you suggested), are the plug-ins active upon opening an existing project even though the nag appears the first time a GUI is opened?


Yes, the plugins are always active, whether or not the GUI has been shown, and whether or not the nag has been shown. It’s strictly a visual thing.


Okay, great - thanks for the answer!

Oh and I might add your Plugins sound great even with the nag :smiley: